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Peel & Seal System

Based and expanded from our successful Tape Applicators, the Peel and Seal System applies Slot Coated Pressure Sensitive glue to the product and then applies a plain siliconised paper to that glue line.

Intended for board envelope sealing, typically using corrugated board.

Product Description

BES Peel & Seal System

Fronting up the system is our own long standing and successful, MK5 Hotmelt Slot Coat Gun, whose long track record lies with the application of Remoist Hotmelts. The MK5 glue gun is supplied from a Hotmelt System. However, the MK5 can be configured for supply from your existing hotmelt tank, e.g. Robatech®, Nordson®, etc.

The glue line width is usually narrower than the tape, so as to provide a complete cover to the glue and a finger facility.

Following glue application to the base product, plain siliconised paper tape is applied precisely to cover the glue.

The tape applicator head is supplied from a separate tape loop generator which replenishes itself automatically.

Tape real size up to 450mm diameter, typically 18-25mm wide, with a 3" core.

Like our Tape Applicators, the system can be run at linear speeds of up to 40mtrs/min.

The Peel and Seal system requires mounting to a transport device. We can provide such a device or it is likely that the equipment can be retrofitted a carton-folder-gluer. Our engineers are available to visit and assess your own transport device.

Peel & Seal Slot Coated Pressure Sensitive glue Peel and Seal System