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The Wheelmelt is a Hot Melt Glue Wheel-In-Pot applicator. It is quick and simple to operate and is quickly adjusted to accommodate a wide range of carton sizes. Special attachments can be fitted to do individual jobs such as envelope sealing.

The Wheelmelt is one of the most versatile and multi purpose hand gluers available. It is often used for repair applications, pilot launch & samples, low speed production, or resealing. The machines are easily transported, and are used in industries throughout the world.

Features include:

Wheelmelt Machine

  • Single phase 110v - 240v, 50/60Hz, 1,000 Watt
  • Safety cut-out switch on gluepot motor
  • Temperature control on gluepot from 32F - 480.2F
  • Doctor blade for controlling the amount of glue on wheel
  • Standard Glue application width 1/8 inch
  • Seals flaps from 1/2 inch to 12 inches deep, up to 17 inches wide
  • Machine size 16 inches long x 16 inches wide x 8 inches high
  • Machine weight 48lb approximately
  • Speed - approx. 20 ends per minute (depending on operator dexterity)
  • Tank content 7lb, uses raw chips of hot melt glue
Wheelmelt Hot Glue Hot Melt Glue Wheel-In-Pot applicator Multi Purpose Hand Gluer